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Action Publique complies with the highest and most recent ethical standards in the practice of public affairs, both at the national and European level.

Our firm has been signed up on the European Union’s transparency register from its creation. Action Publique also registered on the French register of lobbies (under the authority of HATVP) as soon as it was created.

At every turn, Action Publique meticulously complies with the ethical standards and deontological guidelines issued by these registers.

Our firm promotes a modern and responsible lobbying practice, one which enables the defence of collective interests (those of corporations, professional organisations, foundations , charities and NGOs) to benefit the public-decision making process as a whole.

Action Publique guarantees a rigorous and transparent handling of its clients’ cases, free from any conflict of interests. In all of our undertakings, our team is committed to being available, discreet and punctual, as part of our code of conduct.


All of Action Publique’s consultants are committed to upholding these ethical rules, and are contractually bound to respect our privacy policy.

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