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Action Publique designs and implements your institutional relations policy and your influence strategy in order to realise your projects and defend your interests. As each need is unique, our firm offers a strategy perfectly tailored to your situation.

Depending on your goals and the opportunities available, Action Publique develops the institutional strategy which can enable your projects to grow and succeed. The firm sets out a contact program of the relevant decision-makers, and implements it in full. Our team organises the meetings, drafts position papers, prepares talking points, attends the meetings with you and deals with the follow-up.

Our services : 

  • Building your influence strategy: determining the relevant actors and potential partnerships, designing contact programs

  • Organising meetings and visits with decisions-makers

  • Organising institutional events: parliamentary clubs, conferences, round-table debates

  • E-lobbying: designing your digital strategy, managing websites or blogs dedicated to your projects


Action Publique produces all kind of messages to

  • Advocacy: position papers drafting

  • Public communication: manifestos, open letters, opinion editorials and public speech writing

  • Managing press relations to spread your message, organising and preparing press conferences and interviews

  • Digital communication: community management, and online reputation management (monitoring, crisis management…)


Action Publique monitors and analyses relevant information giving you a head start and contribute to your projects’ success. Action Publique masters different types of monitoring – legislative, institutional, sectorial, competitive intelligence – and customises it to meet your every need.


Our services:

  • Personalised newsletters, depending on your sector and priorities, at the frequency of your liking (monthly, bimonthly, weekly, daily)

  • Monitoring notification as often as needed

  • Analyses and recommendations of relevant actions


Action Publique has produced an innovative tool to help our clients develop their institutional relations: the digital mapping of decision-makers. This tool gives you access to precise and regularly updated data to help you organise events and lay down your institutional strategy.

Our services:

  • An interactive map which shows the data related to your organisation (locations of your buildings or locations of your members…), as well as the different levels of public decision-making (members of parliament, local elected officials and administrations…)

  • Complementary resources: database, curriculums of decision-makers etc.

  • Secure access to these databases for all of your organisation’s members


its own learning material for company managers, foundations, professional organisations, charities and NGOs, as well as their members. These tailored training sessions, in-company or inter-company, are designed to help you further your understanding of the public decision-making process, institutional relations, and master the fundamentals of lobbying.

Our training sessions (non-exhaustive list):

  • Public decision-making: actors and process

  • Fundamentals of lobbying

  • Governmental and parliamentary lobbying

  • Fundamentals of local lobbying

  • Fundamentals of European lobbying

  • Influence: legal obligations and deontological standards


If you are seeking new institutional partnerships, if you wish to find new financing (private or public), Action Publique provides you with the guidance needed in these undertakings. Our firm determines your potential partners and initiate contact with them.



Our services:

  • Institutional action preceding the decisions that matter to you, in order to gain support from decision-makers or organisations

  • Developing  institutional and financial partnerships with public or private bodies


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